The (Almost) Medicine Hat Horse

Medicine Hat Horse definition by EquiWorld: “Medicine Hat is the name applied to horses exhibiting a unique and rare pattern of color. Being mostly white in body, Medicine Hats have color on their ears and top of the head, which resembles a bonnet or hat. Often one or both eyes are partially or totally blue, especially when the area around the eye is un-pigmented.”

She was almost a Medicine Hat Horse, my Miley. Being all white in color with beautiful blue eyes, her only downfall was that she had a black forehead that only extended to her inner ears, not surrounding them, making her an “almost” Medicine Hat Horse.


“The Medicine Hat horse is a special animal, supposed to have special powers, and is very rare. According to Native American culture, legend has it that the Medicine Hat Horse was considered to be supernatural protection against harm. They were considered so special that only tribal chiefs, medicine men and great warriors were only allowed to ride them.” – EquiWorld

Today was my last day with Miley. Over the weekend her sale contract was signed and she now belongs to a new family. Why did I sell my baby? Because I had to. Because I’ve decided (or been chosen to, as I believe) to dedicate my life to healing others and helping as many people as I can create happy, healthy lives.

With owning a small business came limited time to dedicate to my horse, as well as limited finances for such an expensive hobby. My time spent with her quickly dwindled down to one day/week, and my bank account was quickly telling me that owning a horse might not be in my best interest, especially with things like business growth, continued education, trading in my slowly expiring car, building a home, starting a family (in the years to come, don’t worry!), and other things that life brings, all being top of mind.

Miley was an experiment, to speak honestly. I wanted to test my determination and skill set so I bought her when she was just 6 months old. I had never worked with a baby before. Was it worth it? In the early days, oh hell no. (My coach Kaila Watters and I can luckily look back on that now and laugh.) But as time went on, I watched this stubborn, awkward filly grow into a dependable, sweetheart of a horse. That is an experiment/experience I will never regret.


When I compare the legend of the Medicine Hat Horse to Miley, I believe in it’s magic. Miley was with me while I battled the corporate world and struggled to find my authenticity, through a hard-earned promotion where I learned that I can do anything I set my mind to. She was there during my traumatic accident and waited for me to heal, and she was there during my leap of a lifetime when I bought the yoga studio and started this journey. She brought me courage, strength, determination, perseverance, love and happiness. She taught me patience, she taught me what it meant to not give up, and she taught me to not sweat the small stuff. I was never supposed to sell her. She was supposed to be my “forever” horse. But change is the only constant in this lifetime and nothing can last forever. I needed to allow this change to come if I am going to fulfill what I have set out to do.


I honestly (and I’m not saying this lightly) believe that in order to continue to grow my mission I needed to pass my Miley on to someone else. Someone who deserved her and who needed her magic. A young girl is now Miley’s new owner and she says that “it was her destiny to own Miley.” I believe her. This young girl needs horses like many of us did/do and I believe the magic of the “almost” Medicine Hat Horse is going to help her too.

As I stroked her neck and laid my forehead against hers this morning, I said “you be good to her.” And she will, I believe it. The tears fill my eyes not because I’m sad, but because I’m happy. I’m happy that Miley gets to stay where she has always been, staying with her best friends, working with a trusted trainer/caregiver, and with a loving new family. And I’m happy because of what I anticipate the future will bring for us all.


Miley is about to start a new journey and bring happiness and love to a deserving young girl, and I am going to dedicate this time and resources to continue to grow and fulfill my mission of helping others.

“Yeah, do you believe in magic?
Yeah, believe in the magic of a young girl’s soul
Believe in the magic of rock and roll
Believe in the magic that can set you free
Oh, talkin’ ’bout magic”


One thought on “The (Almost) Medicine Hat Horse

  1. I really enjoyed reading this Danielle and can totally relate to the extraordinary connection one can have with their horse. Sweet Miley is such a great and gentle teacher.

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