In The End, We All Turn To Ashes.

I’ve made a lot of life decisions lately, and I’ve begun taking a lot of steps to manifest my dreams. I still have a long way to go, and a busy few months ahead of me, but I am so excited about my direction.

Yesterday I was speaking with someone very close to me and they said that they are frustrated with their current situation. They love their personal life and their hobbies, but they are feeling stuck and drained during their day job. They said they feel as though they’re being brought down day-to-day and that they need to make a change.

I whole-heartedly agree.

Your job is around 80% of your week… and your life. So wouldn’t you want to do something that lit you up? That made you feel happy, helpful, and alive?

Last week I joined a morning yoga class, and as we sat there basking in the sunshine pouring through the windows, the teacher talked about the history of the practice before we began. He spoke about the founders of this particular style of yoga practice and he said that some would wear a strip of ashes on their forehead every day. He explained that this signified the idea that, in the end, we all turn to ashes.

Think about that: In the end, we all turn to ashes.

So many people settle in their lives for what is easy, what is comfortable, and what is safe. So many people settle for living unhappy lives because it’s what is expected (we all seem to find hating our jobs and sharing our pain with the world amusing – because if we didn’t find it amusing, why would be continue to put ourselves through that?). So many people follow paths in life that aren’t theirs; it’s their family’s life, their spouse’s life, their perceived “right” life. They work tirelessly at jobs that they hate because it delivers materialistic items to their lives. But consider this: do we really need a fancy car, a bigger house, or a life of glitz and glamour if working to obtain these things is draining our souls?

I am so grateful for my accident, as odd as that may sound. It awakened me to the preciousness of life. It opened me up to the fact that life should not be a race, and neither should it be a meaningless trudge to our graves. Life should be about joy. It should be filled with meaningful work, connecting to our divine nature, feeding our souls, love, laughter, and bliss. Yes, there will be some testing or tiring times. There will be things or people that cross our paths that upset us. There will be times when you may not want to do something, but you must in order to move forward. There will be times when one may think “it was easier when I settled.”

But you mustn’t give up. Life is a journey; don’t let a few missteps or tests lead you astray. Think of them as just that: Tests. Learn and grow from them. I know I have.


Embrace your life. Embrace who you are. Live with open eyes, open arms, and open minds.

And to the person I was speaking with yesterday: you’ll get there. We all will. You must believe in yourself and believe in your dreams. Manifest your desires. Just start. Begin anywhere. Live.

♥ Danielle Crowe

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