I Am Superwoman. (So get ready little filly)

Years ago – hell, even a few months ago – I didn’t appreciate my body. I thought it was too much of this or too little of that. I saw my flaws and nothing else.

When I was hit by an SUV almost four months ago, I saw my body for what it truly was: a freakin’ machine. My body is absolutely amazing, seriously. My body nourishes me, guides me, strengthens me, heals me; and it won’t quit. Who cares if it isn’t perfect? It saved my life, it gives me life, it is my life.

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of the Parelli “Stick To Me” game with my filly. To explain it as best as I can, it’s a game where you move your horse with your energy so that your horse becomes one with you. For example, when I lift my energy as though I’m going to begin walking, my horse reads that and begins walking without being told in an obvious manner. Then I walk along with her. When I turn, she follows without the pull of the rope; when I slow my energy, she slows hers; when I pull my energy back such as leaning backwards and not moving my feet at all, she backs up, etc. She’s “sticking to me.” It’s very similar to how a mare moves with her foal and how a horse is raised instinctively.

We are currently doing this at the trot now and I’m having a hard time keeping up. Honestly, I am out of breath from just one lap around the ring… How can I work with my filly to the best of our abilities and be a leader for her if I can’t even keep up?

So today I ran. I brought a gym bag to work with me and I went to the RECC running track at lunch. I ran 5km. It might have taken me 30 minutes to do so but I don’t care. I ran. I ran for the first time in about a year and a half, and for the first time since my pelvis was broken. I ran to be better for my filly. I ran to have better health. I ran for me and I loved it.

The best part was that after I was done I was doing a final lap of walking to cool down and Alicia Key’s “I am Superwoman” started playing on my iPod. Hell yeah I am superwoman. Hit me with an SUV and throw whatever curve balls you want at me, but my body is a machine and will always be a machine because I say so.

So heads up little filly, this girl is upping her game.


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