You Will Forever Be Missed

I believe in the universe, fate, hidden meanings and signs. Although I constantly question the universe, I believe that in the end, everything has a meaning.

In regards to my own life, I tend to question why some of my experiences, choices and fates have happened.

Life is funny, but I guess that’s what makes life “life.” The unknown. The adventure.

Maybe one day life will make a bit more sense. But maybe it never will. Maybe that’s the point of life; we can’t have everything that we want and sometimes we can’t change the hand we’ve been dealt. Sometimes things just don’t make sense and things aren’t fair.

But other times, days like today, I wonder if there really is meaning to everything.

A wonderful lady whom was very close to many people’s hearts passed away today. She was a caring, kind and compassionate family member and friend, and she was an amazing, strong woman whom I have been lucky enough to know. Why was she taken away?

She was a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, and many other things to many people. Why was she taken away? Why was this soul, this kind, loving soul taken away?

Marilee and her son Nick looking happy together as always.

Marilee and her son Nick looking happy together as always.

Sometimes the universe doesn’t make sense to me. Sometimes I get mad at the universe for the things it does to people.

You’re safe now. You’re comfortable. You have a family that misses you so much and will always miss you. You made a very big impact on the lives of many people. You were an amazing mother to a strong, caring son. You will forever be missed.

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