It’s Time To Edit My Story.

You know how you tell others stories? More specifically, how you tell your life story to others? It’s quite common really. But have you ever realized that you tell yourself your life story as well?

I keep telling myself the story of my anorexia, and how I struggle with my weight and self-esteem issues. But I realized that the story I keep telling myself about my life is therefore dictating the outcome of it. I am making myself a victim.

I’ve made myself become a victim because it’s easy. It’s easy to give away the responsibility of my weight issues/self love issues – and the outcome and circumstances of them – to anorexia. It’s easy to put the blame on the disease, instead of on myself.

I tell myself it’s not my fault that I am this way because I have a sickness. I deal with a mental illness so it’s okay that I go through ups and downs. But the truth is, I am the one making the choices in my life. I have the free will and ability to choose whether to love myself enough to fight this.

I need to learn how to take my power back. I need to see that the way I thrive and live happy and healthy is to make my inner world stronger than the outer world. I need to stop letting outside factors affect how I view myself. I need to stop being so hard on myself.

I need to love myself.

I am powerful, so I must choose to be in my power and to step up. I need to take and assume responsibility for my life. I have no control over the past, but I have control over how I respond to things in the future. I do not want my sickness to get the best of me like it has before; I was to rise, to pick myself up and say “I am not a victim. I am strong. I got this!”

I want to tell myself a new story. I want to tell the life story of a story of a strong, successful, capable woman.

And I will.

“You are not your mind, your body, your possessions or your stories. You are limitless and eternal, an infinite being of love and peace.” – Panache Desai, spiritual teacher

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