World Spins Madly On…

Today marked the day that I became an adult again – I started working! Hah.  After my rebellion against society, refusing to “answer to the man” and wanting to make my own path, I finally ran out of money.  My climbing debt and desire to make purchases won.  Damn materialistic world we live in.  However, a new saddle for my horse isn’t going to pay for itself and neither is my car payment, board payment, all additional desired horse equipment and riding apparel, etc. etc.

Life’s a bitch isn’t it? 

But in regards to all that, I’m a bookkeeper again!  As much as the majority of society whines and complains about this aspect of business, I quite enjoy it.  Leave me alone, let me organize, collect/enter data and use my head – I’m happy.  Being a creative person, I’m surprised by how much I like this logical and analytical career choice; however, I’m aware that attempting to understand my brain and mental processes just isn’t a good idea, so I’m not going to question it and instead just let sleeping dogs lie. 

As much as I HATE getting dressed into those stuffy “office-appropriate” clothes, I have a good feeling about this job.  I think I’ll tough this one out and just keep my stinky, comfortable, covered-in-horse-shit clothing in my car, ready to be changed into as soon as my working day is done. 

“And she passes looks, as well as bills, at every suave young man”

♥ DanielleCrowe

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