Holy macaroni! It’s as if I have a life!  I had planned to be writing this blog post on Saturday, and I’m only just getting around to it now.  (Whoops…)  Anyways:

Friday night was The Wides show at Jacob’s Lounge in Dartmouth.  I have to say, they put on a darn good show.  Being the writer/showcaser/dreamer I am, I am going to relentlessly promote The Wides because they are actually a SUPER GOOD BAND and I’m not just saying that because my brother is the drummer. I also sent the publicist of Miles High Productions the demo of The Wides 2009 and 2011 EP, and she has said she will get back to me by the end of the week – so we’re really looking forward to that! (If I make my brother famous… oh, he will SO owe me… *cough*I-need-a-new-saddle*cough*)


Unfortunately my phone crapped out on me when I was taking videos and the sound cut in and out, but you can find all of their videos and live recordings on Youtube.

Oh, and just one more promotion (I promise this is the last one!) Here is the website to listen to more of their music/purchase their EPs: and their Facebook page:!/pages/The-Wides/181764006518

Am I a good sister or what?

♥ DanielleCrowe



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