White Blank Page

So I was just applying for affiliate applications to try to make myself some moola off of this blog and one of the forms asked me for a site description.  It stumped me.. after all, how do you describe this?  Then I found my fingers typing “A lifestyle blog that tells the story of a budding writer/journalist/poet as she makes her way through life.”  I laughed and thought “no, I can’t put that..” but then I realized that it’s kind of true.

It’s strange to think of myself as “a budding writer/journalist/poet” and it’s also strange to think that people are actually interested in reading about my daily life. 

I mean, not that I’m not cool enough for people to not want to read about me or anything.

Today I was walking along downtown after running some errands and I ran into a fantastic young lady that I used to work with way back in my Cabanna days (♥).  As soon as I saw her she said “Danielle, I have something to confess to you.” (Oh God… what?!?) “I’m obsessed with your blog.” (Phew! …. Wait a minute, what!?)  To have her say that to me was such a wonderful feeling.  It’s one thing to hear someone say that they like my articles or poems or whatever, but my personal blog?  My diary and innermost thoughts?  That feels good.  It’s on here that I really just let my fingers do the talking as they glide over the keyboard, and I barely take the time to stop and think about what I’m saying.  I found her “confession” to be inspiring and an additional boost of motivation to take my work even further and keep going with my dreams. 

But shouldn’t we all be doing that in life? 

So here’s to my “lifestyle blog that tells the story of a budding writer/journalist/poet as she makes her way through life” – and if you’re going to be listening in, I may as well live it up so I have some good stories to tell! 

After all, when you look back on life, it’s never the times that you got a good night’s sleep that you remember.

♥ DanielleCrowe

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