Where’s My Closure!?

Closure:  A feeling of finality, or a resolution of a significant relationship.

Where’s mine?

It’s hard to expect closure in a relationship when you’re still living together.  You can’t officially get over the other because they’re still standing right there.  I have a feeling the loss will hit me once I am officially alone, until then it’s just awkwardness mixed with “nothing has changed”.  For a while I thought I hadn’t made my point strong enough and we were still in the relationship….

Every touch is different and you’re not sure how to react.  “Is he trying to make a move?” or “Wait, we’re broken up… can he do that?” Petty isn’t it?  I’m now shy about the body I used to flaunt. 

The cross-country road trip that we are taking in approximately two weeks is such an exciting event to happen in my life… wait, I feel like I’ve been experiencing a lot of exciting events this past year..

The cross-country road trip that we are taking in approximately two weeks is yet another exciting event to happen to me this past year.  That’s better.  As I was saying, I am unbelievably excited for it!  I thought about all the things I want to accomplish in each province that we pass through:





But I have a feeling I’ll be too cold to undress and be wild, I’ll be too tired from driving to go out.. and too scared of the locals, and I’ll be too poor to eat sushi every night.  So instead I thought I’d attempt to write a poem inspired by each province/shabby motel room/random cities and towns that we pass through.  A special keepsake of the adventure – along with a shit-ton of photos of course. 

Now, to count the days, pack my belongings, say my few goodbyes, and head off into the sunset. While praying my $3500 car can hold it’s own.  And praying that we will finally have our “happy ending” (literally) at the end of all this.Image

“Everything that has a beginning has an ending. Make your peace with that and all will be well. ” – Buddha

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