Troubled Waters…

Just as I thought my life was beginning to get a bit boring…

Last night I finally laid my head down to sleep at 2:30am, only to be woken up a little over an hour later by my cellphone ringing at 3:40am.  After listening to a lot of noise and confusion, what I originally assumed was a late-night drunken call was actually a friend asking for help.  One would think that at four in the morning, and having only an hour of sleep in their system, they would be quite tired – however at that moment I was wide awake and I quickly got up, dressed and headed out the door.  For 30 minutes I drove, only to discover that higher authorities had gotten there first.  I was angry, frustrated and worried but my only option was to turn around and go back home.  Listening to your voice on your cellphone’s answering machine, with your misleading message that makes the caller think that you’ve actually answered the phone, made me want to cry.  I miss the hell out of whatever we once had and now it’s succumbed to a pathetically distant and tense fate where the only reason for discussion is to bail one out of a sticky situation.  What went wrong?  I admit I’ve been distant lately, dealing with a lot of personal things, and I therefore basically cut myself off from society – but us? Is this really the end?

(I want to mention that I ALWAYS leave my cellphone in the kitchen at night, unless it’s a rare occasion where I’m lying in bed texting, and for some reason I left it in my room last night – pretty weird, huh?)

Anyways, I was able to sleep until 11:00am today so I don’t feel overly tired, just frustrated.  Instead of trying to figure this out or whatever, I’m just going to go to the barn and hang out with the one boy who I know loves me – my horse…. ’cause I feed him.

I’m glad you’re okay.

♥ DanielleCrowe

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