Soon-to-be-published work: “Why?”

I took a chance and submitted one of my most personal poems to Mused (a literary magazine) a few weeks ago for their upcoming Spring issue.  Today I received an email from them saying that my poem was selected for publishing in their March 20th issue!!! I am so excited that after putting myself, and my personal writing, out on the line I was rewarded and will be recognized!  To end on a cliched note, the biggest lesson I learned from this process is to never give up on your dreams and to always keep your eyes on the prize!  Here is the poem that will be published:


He read my weight in kilograms, and you began to cry.

As I watched the sad tears well and spill, I pathetically asked myself why?

Why do I continue to harm my health when I see it causes such pain? 

What benefit would I achieve, what could I possibly gain?

I write this poem in a healthy weight, one year and four months past,

I knew I could never stay that thin, I knew it wouldn’t last.

The pain and hurt I saw that night in the hospital testing space,

I never again want to see the looks I saw in my parent’s face.

I remember my mother crying in the corner on the chair,

While my father wrapped his arms around me and continuously kissed my hair. 

I am sorry for all the suffering and the tears I made you cry,

Still to this day and for the rest of my life, I will always wonder why.

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