She Dreams In Colour, She Dreams In Red..

What is love? (Baby don’t hurt me…)

Love can’t possibly be this seemingly privileged, nonexistent emotion that is broadcasted through society.  I’m no hopeless romantic by any means (besides the mere fact I file P.S. I Love You and 500 Days of Summer under my mental list of favorite movies…) but what happened to those stomach butterflies, the faces that were sore from smiling, the sweaty armpits – or was that just me? – that we had with our first young loves?  When I love, I want to love with all of me, I want to love til the end.  I don’t want to care what time it is, I want to get in a car and drive somewhere with you, I want to hold hands, I want to wake up on a train traveling on adventure with you, I want to go to concerts with you, I want to give each other advice, I want to take you home with me and feel my age, I want to get drunk with you, I want to be unique – but I want to be your kind, I want to be there when the morning light washes over your face, I want to be taken where I’ve never been before, I want to catch my breath, I want to get caught in the rain, I want to just ‘be’ with you.

Maybe. Maybe someday when we can all stop worrying about the complicated things in life we can experience love; true, honest, uninhibited love.  Until then, I’ll go wash the toothpaste that I just found in my hair out, and continue to dream.


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