Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Although it’s totally random and strange, every so often I still get the feeling that I should have homework to do.  Yes, it’s been four years since I graduated high school – yet there are still some nights on the eves of the upcoming work week that I feel like I should have more responsibility than simply “unwinding” and “getting to bed early to catch up on missed sleep.”  Therefore, in regards to my studious reflection, I decided – with the insight of another; I can’t take all the credit – that I’m going to write an “essay” on my Victoria Day long weekend.  I call it:

“My Victoria Day Long Weekend”

So a few weeks ago, some guy (ha-ha) and I decided that we were going to take off to Cape Breton together for a road trip.  After multiple road blocks (no pun intended), we were finally able to make it happen this weekend and it couldn’t have been better – especially with that extra day of travel added in due to the holiday.  Who is this unnamed man you ask? … Well, I’m going to call him “He-Man” for the sake of concealing his identity (people generally prefer to remain unnamed on these sort of things for obvious reasons).  Why “He-Man” you ask?  Well, for starters he is big, hairy and manly… And he yields a hammer, does dangerous things and has rugged good looks… Just sayin’.  His only downside?  He is a wimp when it comes to ingesting hot liquids and has a poor ability to fight off molesters that lurk on the beach.

But now I’m getting distracted.

ANYWAYS, we left our small town of Truro at mid-morning on Saturday and headed in the Eastern direction to see what we could discover on our beautiful day.  After loading the car up with road trip-worthy snacks and hours of music play, we managed to climb the Cabot Trail via automobile, find plenty of poop piles (basically the theme of the weekend), see amazing sights like mountains, valleys and the ocean, sit on the beach/walk in the freezing cold water (or at least I walked in the freezing cold water) and then drive an additional 45-minutes (both directions) out of the way simply for some beer – all before settling into our motel room in Pleasant Bay for the night.  Quite frankly, Saturday was a success. 

Waking up on Sunday morning to another gorgeous day, we lounged on our room’s back deck before indulging in a hearty breakfast.  Then we took off for more adventure and landed at the Skyline trail.  A 9.2km walk after a night of beer and an early morning of… well I have no idea why we got up so early… ? It seemed like a good idea so I changed shoes and we embarked on a hike through the woods until we finally made it to the boardwalk.  Was it worth it? Oh yeah. The sight was absolutely breathtaking – I love when you have those moments that you feel so small in comparison to the rest of the world simply because you can see just how many other things and lives are going on around you regardless (or maybe I’m just strange).  On our walk back we were able to see a moose enjoying some grass about 50 feet away from us, and then we were introduced to the “cutest” snake along the path.  The day continued on to the Ceilidh Trail and two other beaches (one where I built a 6 out of 10-star sand castle and He-Man designed a trail that ran around the moat and through the courtyard for added intrigue and castle-visiting pleasure) and the next where I professionally skipped rocks… not that I’m bragging or anything… I’m simply lying through my teeth, that’s all.  This time we stayed in Port Hood for the night and then took off for Port Hawkesbury in the morning. 

Not quite ready to call our trip quits, we drove down along the Eastern Shore after Monday’s breakfast and found a bunch of nothing.  So instead we detoured and went to He-Man’s cottage for some BBQ.  After three days of BBQ’d hotdogs (or veggie dogs, in my case) I came to the realization that it doesn’t quite feel like summer until you’ve had your first dog on the barbie. 

After coming home on Monday night, I decided to finish the weekend off with a hot soak in the bathtub, a cup of tea and a good book – however I forgot that mixing hot bath water and a hot tea makes Danielle an over-heated girl (“all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”…) Also, not to mention the fact that I repeatedly found myself blankly staring at the book’s pages with a silly grin on my face; replaying the moments of the past 72 hours.  (A reoccurring theme lately? Yes. And although I don’t know about you, I’m totally okay with that.  “I’ve put a spell on you…” or vice versa, in this case.)

So what can I take from this weekend?  Well, I realized why so many tourists go to Cape Breton when they’re traveling, I also discovered that mixing a lack of sleep, a lot of sunshine and a He-Man equals some really dumb ass, blonde comments coming out of my mouth.  Oh, and I learned that I can escape from my trunk if anyone tries to kidnap me – Boo yea suckers! 

That pretty much concludes my essay.  “Hmph, not very essay-like” you say?  Yeah, well it’s 11:00pm on Monday night and I’m as tired as a dog. 

Oh, and I’m kind of in-like with you.  So I’ll use this overall giddy and dazed state as my other excuse. 


♥ DanielleCrowe

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