Osheaga 2012!

La Belle Province: I fell in love with Montreal, and I fell in love in Montreal.

Leaving Truro, NS on Thursday afternoon, we headed on our way for the beautiful city of Montreal, QC. After many pit stops, snacking, and sleeping in parking lots and rest stations, we made it to our hotel by mid Friday morning. We spent our first hours there walking in the scorching heat to Olympic Park and the Montreal Bio dome – which was so cool, I might add. We saw monkeys, parrots, an anaconda, crocodiles, giant fish creatures, penguins, etc. Basically, my kinda place 🙂

Oh yeah, and we went to Osheaga. No big deal.

Over the entire weekend we saw Down With Webster, Gary Clark Jr., The Arkells, The Jezabels, Of Monsters and Men, The Weekend, Florence and The Machine, Woodkid, Feist, Garbage, Snoop Dogg, Black Angels, Bloc Party, Metric, The Black Keys, etc.?

It was amazing. Florence and The Machine was phenomenal, Snoop Dogg put on such a good, pumped up show, Metric and The Black Keys sounded exactly like their albums – to sum it up, every performer and band was perfect and we couldn’t have asked for better shows. It sucked that we missed MGMT, and on Sunday it poured rain and I got cold, but it was such a fantastic overall weekend.


It’s sad that it’s all over, and now that I was within a big city again I miss it and I want to go back to that aspect of living ASAP. I can’t wait to move to a city with ongoing entertainment, activities and buzzing life.

Sigh x2.

On a separate note, I started my new job today! It only included carrying/unpacking boxes, cleaning, inventory, and hanging clothing, but my co-workers seem very nice! I’m super excited for a larger income and a more exciting work environment. Wish me luck in my latest endeavor!

To finish this post off, I loved my vacation/trip/long weekend; I couldn’t have asked for a better time, and I’m really satisfied with my first day of my new job.

Life is good.


♥ DanielleCrowe

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