My Summer 2012 Bucket List

I decided I wanted to make a “bucket list” for my summer, so here it is:  (Also, I will try to remember to continuously cross completed items off, as well as add any other ideas to this list.)

Want to help me achieve my goals?

  • Go to the drive-in
  • Have a water balloon fight
  • Face my fears and swim in open water
  • Go to Osheaga (oh wait, I AM! Ha – had to rub that in…) Okay, have an amazing, awesome time at Osheaga/Montreal in general 🙂 yay
  • Go to Skinner’s Cove (each and every year something happens that I don’t go… well not this year! Just sayin’)
  • Never wear pants. And by that I mean live in summer dresses, skirts and shorts
  • Get my fourth tattoo … and maybe my fifth and sixth if I can afford them
  • Swing and relax in a hammock
  • Visit Megan in P.E.I.
  • Cook and bake for you. Or simply eat what you cook and bake for me. Or invent and recreate recipes together. Put food in our mouths in general.
  • Have a bonfire at home
  • Go camping
  • Remember to celebrate my horse’s and my puppy’s birthday (Boo’s is in July, Darby’s is in August) and make a special horsey/doggy cake to enjoy
  • Be totally satisfied at the end of every weekend. 
  • Attempt to be a groupie at the majority of my brother’s band’s shows (The Wides – check ’em out)
  • Do more horse show journalism
  • Continue to bring my horse’s training further along each and every day
  • Make a large dent in my online schoolwork
  • Build a sand castle
  • Create fancy-schmancy alcoholic beverages and enjoy them in the sunshine
  • Make root beer floats!
  • Go on road trips
  • Dedicate a song as the Official Song of Summer 2012
  • Shop at Farmer’s Markets
  • Catch fireflies
  • Make a neat piece of art out of items found on the beach (sea glass, shells… a random piece of a cute plate)
  • Draw on a sidewalk with chalk
  • Go fishing
  • Go to a carnival/exhibition/place with rides
  • Play flashlight tag
  • Make tie-dye clothing
  • Run around in the pouring rain… get kissed while running around in the pouring rain
  • Go boating
  • “Chalk my hair” – by that I mean put pastels in random hair strands, flat iron them so they stay put and then rock some sick colored highlights on a night out!
  • Sleep under the stars
  • Go to a zoo

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