Lost Love

A poem written by me, Danielle Crowe, inspired by my beloved horse Elizabeth


Forgive me lost love

I had no idea of my mistake

I had no idea I would miss the love we used to make

Forgive my disconnect, forgive my excuse

I left you and forgotten love is the worst form of abuse

To say I didn’t love you, to say I didn’t care

I miss you to pieces and this I solemnly swear

We didn’t go as far as I dreamt we would have gone

I gave up on us too soon and now I realize my wrong

Years down the road I will still miss your sweet smell

Wondering where you are now sends me to my own inner hell

Someday I’ll find a new love, but you’ll never be replaced

I promised I wouldn’t forget you as the tears fell from my face

I still have our memories, and you helped set me free

Everyday I wish you still stood where you were always supposed to be

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