I Was Made for Sunny Days

Oh Easter weekend; Always a whirlwind and this year was no exception. 

The weekend kicked off to a great start on Thursday afternoon when my horse and I went for a ride for the first time without being led around. (Darby is just 4 years old and last Sunday was the first time I, or anyone for that matter, has ever been on his back.  We are making such good progress and I’m so proud of my big boy!)  Later in the evening, I drove into town and met up with some of the guys that I’ve missed oh-so much.  After going on a self-pity, anti-social hiatus for a few weeks it was SO nice to see them again and to be out and about!  Now, I may have ended up drinking a little bit too much that night.. but hey!  It was in celebration of my new found independence and social comeback!

I woke up the next morning feeling… well, not exactly full of pep, lets just say.  However I sucked it up and drove myself down to Lunenburg (♥) to spend the night with my aunt, uncle and cousins whom I don’t get to see as often as I would like.  After living in Alberta’s prairies for six months, seeing the beautiful Mahone Bay/Lunenburg once again…. priceless.  I worked my hangover off with fresh air and laughs – much better than my usual chocolate milk cure. 

My 21st birthday is this upcoming Tuesday so we had my family supper on Saturday night to celebrate both Easter and my coming-of-age.  It’s strange to think that I’m going to be 21 years old… I generally hang out with people that are older than me, so I’m used to the idea of being 20-something, however when I look at some of the people who are 21 it’s just strange to think of myself like that as well… But I’m sure it’ll pass soon enough and I’ll begin thinking this same thing again as I near the age of 22.

Now that the 2012 version of Easter weekend is coming to an end, I am glad that it was filled with non-stop excitement and going from one place to the next.  I needed this; it was a reminder of all the fun I used to have.  It was the kick-in-the-butt that I needed to start putting myself out there and getting out more in order to get that fun life back.  After all, if I’m going to be single, broke and living at home I may as well make the most of it!

Happy Easter to all, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have!


♥ DanielleCrowe

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