I Want You Now

Wow.  I am loving life at the moment. 

This past weekend was a wonderful blend of some of my favorite women.  It was delightful, hilarious, money-spending and hilarious again.  I spent Friday night with my one and only at her kitchen table, laughing and eating with her family ♥ and then Saturday came and the clan of wild women were off. 

Saturday was a blur of traveling to Moncton, shopping ’til we dropped (or ran out of cash at least), driving to Fredericton and then letting the partying begin.  I. love. these. girls. From Friday to Sunday I had a much-needed weekend filled with estrogen and it was so nice!

What’s weird though?  Usually when I’m drinking I become flirtatious, however this past weekend I wanted nothing to do with those boys (no offense, just in case they just so happen to randomly read this one day.  How will that ever happen since I don’t even know their names?  Who knows.  But it is the internet after all.) Anyways, like I said, it was strange.  I showed them some adorable pictures of my horse (“All I want for Christmas is some game!” hahaha) and then simply walked away.  Nothing. Nadda. Zip.

Is this new found “girl’s girl” attitude the start of a good thing?  Yep.  I think so.  Or maybe it was because I was too caught up in smiling at my phone… I guess we’ll never know. 

One thing that is for sure though?  I’m so excited for this weekend coming.  It’s going to be another mix of fantastic women hitting up New Brunswick, but this time we’re dragging the boys along for the ride – and I can’t freakin’ wait! 

It’s funny.  When you actually decide “enough is enough.  I need some fun and excitement in my life” then voila!  There it is.  And I’m loving every minute of it.

♥ DanielleCrowe

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