I Dream Of… Genie?

My “tea after tea, after tea” drinking each day is catching up to me.  I used to fall asleep as soon as my head hit my pillow, and now it seems I lay awake, staring into the darkness each night, filing away my thoughts for what seems like hours after the light has gone out.  Quit, you say?  Hell no.  Tea is my blood now. 

Apart from insomnia, when I DO enter the land of slumber I have begun having marvelously vivid dreams.  Sometimes I think my car has veered lanes and is about to crash into the median (not my favorite of my dreams, I wake quite sweaty..) but last night I had a new dream. 

I dreamt that we were at the Clay Cafe (oh how I love the Clay Cafe!), we were painting picture frames for each other, and we were taking silly photos together to put in those frames.  I remember blowing my face up to look like I was about to explode, I remember one where my head was nestled comfortably in your ‘nook’ while you smiled into the camera.  There was even one that we captured of us just smiling at each other.  It was snowing outside and everyone around us quickly shuffled by to finish last-minute Christmas shopping.  I was happy.

I woke up happy.

Some dream in color, some dream in black and white.  I dream in “A lot Like Love” standards.


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