Hubb-edy, hubb-edy, hubbing!

I just can’t stop…

Hubbing! I recently created… technically I created it nine months ago… but I’m FINALLY getting around to it… my very own hubpage! It’s – check it out!

I am loving the chance to write my thoughts on here, and then write things that people actually care about (ha-ha) on there!  It’s a great opportunity to not only showcase my writing, but gain helpful tips and critique from fellow writers, all while wetting my writing whistle!  My hub features music and fashion/beauty related topics.  It’s just so darn great getting the opportunities to write about things I really enjoying researching and writing about, and gaining tips myself 🙂 Like the “2011 Fall Makeup Trends” hub that is my most recent – look out ’cause I got tips and I’m gonna be a fox! 😉

I really, really loving every minute of my days that are spent writing and learning.  I truly hope, all kidding aside, that I can make something of myself in this industry! So keep your fingers, toes, ankles, knees, and eyes crossed for me – and keep reading all of my tid-bits and thoughts!! 🙂


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