Hasn’t Hit Me Yet

Sunday evening was my last time catching Darby in the field as he went to his new home yesterday. I went to visit him last night and I couldn’t be happier to say the least, as he has an amazing new home with a wonderful owner and caregiver; however, no matter where he went, I knew I was going to miss that horse like crazy. It tore me up inside when I said good-bye and walked away, only to look back and see him following my every move with those loving eyes. Man, I’m going to miss that horse.

ImageSaturday morning was the start to a second awesome weekend spent in Cape Breton driving through the Highlands, we saw ridiculously gorgeous fall colors from mountain views, allowed a lady-moose to cross our path, stayed at the same lovely hotel (but this time we got the ocean view room!), and indulged in food that was much better than simply Tricuits, chips and hot dogs/tofu dogs – which were the meals of the last trip. We visited beaches, one of us fell in the water… (ha-ha-ha), and we walked a bog-side boardwalk. I love my boyfriend and I love our trips ♥



Coming home on Sunday evening I went straight to the barn to spend some time with my horse before he left. He of course didn’t understand and acted like nothing was going to change while I cried into his neck. Instead he simply looked at me with an expression that said “why are you making those strange noises, little two-legged creature?” I love my horse. Darby is one of those once-in-a-lifetime horses in my opinion, although as my coach reminds me “there will always be other horses” and I know I need to focus on making a life for myself instead of simply loving an animal that takes all of my money. Darby is a rare find, and his new owner is so very lucky to have him enter her life.


It hasn’t hit me yet, that’s for sure. Although I’ve spontaneously cried at random moments throughout the past few days, I know it hasn’t hit me yet. And it will. And it will suck.

♥ DanielleCrowe

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