Happy Birthday to Me!

So the clock struck 12:00AM last night (although this morning, I guess…) and I made the mad dash out to the kitchen to sneak my mom’s blueberry-flavoured cereal things… hey!  It’s my birthday and I’ll chow down if I want to!

Then I felt sick.

But now it’s my birthday!  My 21st birthday!  This morning I woke up to a wonderful text by an even more wonderful person telling me that it’s “time to let loose in America” – and you know what?  I am SO ready for yet another road trip this summer!  (But maybe not for quite as long… just for a weekend?  Perfect.)  Come with me?  Grand.

So how did I decide to spend my day, you ask?  Well, I did laundry, I worked out, I … (just kidding, I know you don’t care).  However, I will tell you that I had yet another fabulous ride on my fabulous horse!  Chris texted me with perfect timing (a.k.a. just as I was tacking my big man up) and asked me if I wanted a lesson.  Darby was great, yet again!  I love my horse 🙂

Mom and Dad took me out for sushi (♥) for supper, even though I know they don’t find it appealing, and then we capped the night off with more Dexter (♥♥).  Although my actual birthday was lacking in gusto and mind-blowing celebration, I plan to have a bit of a pah-tay this weekend for it… Actually I just want to get drunk and I’m using my birthday as an excuse… (Kidding!….. Or am I?)

Oh! Also, I decided to read my horoscope today – just cause – and the coincidence made me smile: 

“This is a good time for thinking ahead and visualizing what you want from life over the next few years.  But don’t make any hard and fast plans.  You will achieve more in the long-term by staying flexible and free.” 


Happy Birthday to me, and everyone else that shares this wonderful day!  Happy April 10th all you others 🙂

♥ DanielleCrowe

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