Goodbye My Love

“It’s better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.” – Alfred Lord Tennyson

Ironic.  Moving across the country because you’re so in love.  Uprooting your entire life for passion.  Then losing it all because of that love, and that passion.  Love is a bitch.

I can still remember the exact sound of her voice, the exact moment in time when I heard the stranger I’ll never forget say “yes, I’d love to buy her”.  Great.  That’s a lump of cash in my pocket and a broken heart in my chest. 

I cry as I write and I sob as I remember.  Loading her onto that trailer, wishing her well and telling her “thanks for the memories”, hearing her whinnying as she drives away. 

“Is it better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all?  I wonder, I wonder, as my lonely teardrops fall.  Is it better to have kissed and lost, than to never have felt the glow?  I wonder, I wonder, then why do I miss you so?” – Nat King Cole

Everyday I wonder how she is, how they’re treating her, how she likes her life now.  Has she made new friends?  Do they keep her warm enough?  Is she safe?  Do they love her? …. Does she love them?  Every morning I paint on my smile, and every night I wash it off before I lay down to sleep.  I will find love again.  I will find that passion again.  I will be happy again. 

I miss you.  I miss your smell, your feel, your nuzzle.  I miss your whinny when I brought you food, your nicker when it was cold and you saw me coming with the blanket, and I miss the way you listened when I talked to you.  Goodbye my love.  You are lost but never forgotten.

“Only those who’ve lost at love would know how a heart can cry.  And they would know the meaning of hearing a last goodbye.” – Nat King Cole


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