Did You Miss Me While I Was Looking For Myself Out There?

Last night at 12:45am I FINALLY made it home to Truro, NS!  After six days of driving it was such an immense relief to see the lights of my hometown.  Although it was a relatively uninteresting drive, I’ve decided to keep track of all the happenings on my travels; for my own keepsake, and also to fill in my readers. 


  • Although I waved goodbye to the province of Alberta without looking back, I also had to wear my sunglasses in the dimming sunset.  Not because it was bright, but because I didn’t want anyone to see me crying.  I knew as I crossed the border that I would never see my horse again, and that thought ripped me to pieces. 
  • I had a con man try to sell me a ‘hot’ television that he claimed he “delivers for a company and they gave him too many by mistake”.  Nice.
  • Saw the mountains in the distance for the last time.


  • Prairies, prairies, prairies.
  • Drove past the many oil fields, towers, agriculture, etc.  It was actually pretty interesting to see. 
  • Dyed my hair in the motel bathroom haha.
  • Forgot my favorite beanie in the motel bathroom 😦
  • Made multiple jokes about things that rhyme with “Regina” …..


  • Made it through the city of Winnipeg with no GPS after my phone died smack dab in the middle of the busy city. 
  • Drove through the creepiest stretch of highway at night searching for a motel.  We pulled in to so many different small town areas that I immediately turned back out of.  They looked like the kind of places that travelers don’t leave, if you know what I mean..
  • Saw a dead deer on the side of the road with an eagle perched on it’s back, fighting off the pesky crows.  Then I almost hit a deer myself. 
  • Saw something dart into the ditch during my “creepiest stretch of highway at night” driving and made a joke that it was children of the wild.  Then I scared myself and just wanted it to be morning.


  • Longest province EVER to drive through.  It took 3 days!
  • Drove through the mountains, met mountain people, drove along Lake Superior.
  • Saw multiple signs to look out for horse and carriage – then saw a bunch of horse and carriages on the roads.
  • Met a man from Truro!
  • Screamed my way through Ottawa, as it was night, pouring rain, and there was an Ottawa Senators game playing. 


  • I definitely put my years of French education to shame when I asked for “un salle” instead of “un chambre” at a hotel.
  • Almost got ripped off by the French.  They wanted to charge me $115 for the hotel room but I bartered them down to $89… damn Frenchmen, I wonder how much the room actually was…
  • Asked for an egg salad sandwich for $3.45 at a big stop and they brought me a salad with egg on it and charged me $9.95.  But it was okay because the man sitting at the table across from me looking like William from P.S. I Love You (the man Holly meets during her trip to Ireland).  Oh. Yes.
  • Had fun at first listening to the French music and radio announcers and then trying to translate it.  After half a day of it though I wanted to rip my ears off.

New Brunswick:

  • Met a guy working at a gas station and he played Bob Dylan on his guitar for us behind the counter. 
  • Hit snow, wind, and rain, but I still traveled at 120km/hr to make it home.

Nova Scotia:

  • After driving all across Canada; through the prairies and the mountains, I only saw an eagle and a deer.  Pulled into Truro and there was a fox!
  • Dropped Robbie off as quickly as I could and raced home.  Cried when I saw my dogs and my parents on the doorstep. 

And that is my trip to a tee!  So very glad to be home – now I’ve just got to restart my quest of figuring out my life.  After what I’ve been through it should be a breeze. 

“No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.” – Lin Yutang


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