Book Review: The Instant Millionaire

A Tale of Wisdom and Wealth, written by Mark Fisher.




When I went to work on Tuesday I found this book on my desk; a co-worker thought I would like it and was thoughtful enough to loan it to me.  The Instant Millionaire is a book about a down-and-out man who wants to strike it rich but doesn’t know where to begin and has barely a penny to his name.  He seeks out the guidance of his rich uncle who then send him to see this mysterious “Instant Millionaire”.  During the book, the young man learns about financial success and also personal fulfillment and well-being.


The Instant Millionaire is unlike so many other “self-help” books out there although it sends almost the same messages (finding happiness in yourself, finding a career that makes you want to go to work everyday and work hard, etc.) but what I liked best about it was the fact that it was told in a story-like setting.  Based on a true story, it was written in the third-person and was much more interesting to read since it told a story as well as gave guidance.


Mark Fisher wrote this book as though he was speaking directly to me.  He talked about never giving up and following your dreams.  He spoke of pushing the boundaries and making irrational decisions (which I tend to do…) versus the rational ones, because rational people seldom make it big time.  He also mentioned believing in yourself and not listening to those who want to defeat you.  I truly enjoyed reading The Instant Millionaire and I recommend it to anyone who is also searching for their inner fulfillment in life and of course, striking it rich by doing what they love.

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