Blood on Blood…

Last night I had a short gossiping session with my two best friends, and it was so nice.  I don’t mean the gossiping part (though it is nice to rant sometimes..), the part that I enjoyed the most was laughing with my girls.  I miss the hell out of them. 

My two best friends are the strongest, most beautiful and hilarious girls I know.  They make me laugh my head off, cry with me when I’m sad, and tell me exactly how it is when I’m being stupid – I wouldn’t change them for the world.  After letting my emotions, minor depression and overall freak-out come to the surface and take over, I said some stupid things and built up my defensive wall (something that is becoming more and more of a habit these days…).  I immediately regretted taking my frustrations out on the two ladies who have my back and 100% support me – but I guess that’s what you do, right?  You unload your shit on the ones that love you, care for you and want the best for you, right?  Typical Danielle right there. 

I met these girls through our shared passion of horses – even though I was the uncool kid at the barn with the shitty pony.  They stayed with me throughout high school – even though I was the uncool kid at school with the shitty math skills (HAH! *inside joke moment*) and they continue to stay with me while I relentless make bad life choices – and will most likely continue to make bad life choices (just a heads-up girlies).

Basically, what I’m trying to accomplish and get across with this message is that my best friends are irreplaceable.  As much as I can appear angry on the surface when they give me advice that I don’t want to hear, I love the fact that my besties will knock me down a peg in order to make me stop and think about what I’m doing/saying.  They will tell me I deserve better or that I made a stupid choice, and then they will let me cry on their shoulders and help me figure out a way to make things right. 

My best friends are know-it-all, stuck-up bitches.  My best friends are gorgeous, strong-willed and intelligent.  My best friends make me who I am by kicking my ass if I don’t do things to the best of my ability.  My best friends won’t let me give up. 

My best friends are the best. 


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